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  • Ashley C. 25

    Taguig, MM

    Asiaesthetics is so far the best dermatology clinic I’ve ever been to. Staff are so nice and you feel so welcome everytime you step inside the clinic.
    I personally do not like getting facials because of what i’ve experienced from other places, but this one, i’m absolutely happy about the results. I am
    not blessed to have a really nice skin, in fact, i lost hope but Asiesthetics did a really good job about it. Dra. Tanlu has the softest hands in the world!
    Asiaesthetics is probably the best in the Philippines. I recommend it a lot!

  • Monika SM. 22

    Asiaesthetics takes good care of me! Every visit feels like a spa treatment. I love how their facials are painless. Not to mention their staff who makes you feel at home and makes sure youre visit is a very pleasant one! I highly recommend men and women to try asiaesthetics services! <3

  • Ann P. 47

    Quezon City, MM

    Asiaesthetics is my place to unwind while being pampered with my beauty
    regime. And I'm more relaxed knowing that I'm being taken cared of with utmost dedicated professionalism by Dra. Cheng and her "fun" staff.

  • Chris D. 48

    Quezon City, MM

    Dr. Tanlu is God’s gift to all men and women who wants to look and feel good again about themselves. Because with Asiaesthetics nothing is impossible. The entire staff is amazing; the place is clean, comfortable and has a very inviting waiting area. With the great experiences that I had, Asiaesthetics is now or have been my beauty haven. It’s never difficult to recommend a place like this because I’m indeed a very satisfied client.

  • Honey F. 56

    Los Angeles, CA

    I highly recommend Asiaesthetics to all my friends. I am Honey Falcon 56 years old from Los Angeles, California. Its one stop shop clinic that caters for all the beauty treatment that every girl dream of. The staffs are nice and very accommodating. I would like to thank Dra. Cheng a highly trained cosmetic surgeon.She personally manage every clients need. The services are very affordable and better compared to clinics in LA some of whch are managed by esthetician rather than a physician. So if your planning to come home to the Philippines give them a call and get an appointment.

  • Jody C. 75

    Vancouver Canada, BC

    I look and feel so much younger after having my big eye bags removed and doing wonderful facial treatments. Friends & relatives couldn’t believe that after all these years; I can still look young and beautiful. All Thanks to Asiaesthetics.

  • Annie Y. 54

    San Francisco, CA

    Asiaesthetics is the place to be for all your pampering needs. The place has a relaxing and professional environment. Staff is friendly, warm and very efficient. On top of that, doc Cheng is one of the best, if not the best, in the field. A pro who puts her heart in her work. You get excellent value for your money. Been referring this place to friends. For sure , ill be a client for life

  • Rob B. 47

    Los Angeles, CA

    Apart from competence and efficiency, two essential ingredients to a successful business, the management and staff of asiaesthetics would treat you as family and make you feel at home, thus making your treatments and visits as something worth having, and a pleasure always.

  • Carmen W. 50

    New Hampshire,USA

    A very satisfied day spent at Asiaesthetics. All the staffs are so warm and friendly. Thank God my sister recommended this place to me. Now skin care has never been the same. Thanks Dr. Tanlu!

  • Carol W. 37

    Vancouver Canada, BC

    I felt extremely pampered everytime I go for my facial appointments. The staffs are all extremeley friendly and knowledgable. The best part is that I am carefully tutored with "at home" practices on how to prolong the effects of the facial after each appointment. You know they truly care about you!
    A big Thank You for everything. You guys are great!!

  • Carina F. 63

    Recto Oton, Iloilo City

    I quite agree “ Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin” And visits to ASIAESTHETICS allow you to discover your own skin. With properly researched and well studied beauty practices and products. ASIAESTHETICS brings out the best in everyone. Having highly-trained and friendly staff provide personalized services makes for a truly remarkable experience.

  • Evelyn S. 48

    Hiratsuka Shi, Japan

    Well, I’m very thankful to Doc Cheng that Im one of her patients. And I have changed a lot, really. Everybody that sees me says I’m getting young. That’s why Im very proud because I know that it’s true. Today, I am very confident to show everyone what I have even went out and have fun with young generations, feels like Im one of them. Thanks Doc.

  • Eloida S. 48

    Cardona, Rizal

    My way of saying thank you to all the accommodating and professional staff of Asiaesthetics for bringing out the best in me and for My whole Family, for giving us individualized and personal touch of care, we all look naturally good! I am confident to recommend this clinic to my love one and friends.

  • Sylvia V. 59

    Quezon City, MM

    Royal treatment for a very reasonable price. The latest technology to bring out the beautiful in you.

  • Raya G. 44

    Henderson, NV

    The service and standard for this clinic has exceeded my expectations. The staff and the surgeon are so friendly and accommodating. This is the only clinic for me and my family whether it's cosmetic or medically necessary procedure/treatments. When I have a major procedure done, I will definitely post pictures of before and after.